Working with Erin was life changing for me. Her calm and caring nature allowed me to comfortably go on this journey with her. Even though I worked remotely with Erin I still felt very supported and guided. She helped me explore my beliefs and past events that were holding me back and stopping me from enjoying the present and building the future that I now know I am capable of creating. I am truly grateful to Erin for the change that her coaching has brought to me, my mindset and my life. Many thanks

Bec D.
Coffs Harbour

Erin and I started working together after I contacted her to help me feel better with my life. I felt quite lost and had a number of things from the past holding me back, I couldn’t seem to let go of them, they were buried deep, I did not want to talk about them. I wasn’t able to move on and felt quite stuck.

I had previously engaged other ‘coaches’ but felt none of them really ‘got’ me. Their words and their actions just didn’t add up. Contacting Erin was the last coach I was going to allow myself to use, I wasn’t holding much hope.

Erin is the real deal; her words match her actions, and she lives and breathes kindness, calm and knowledge. Erin helps you accept and love yourself and completely, you then want to make changes that benefit your life. In the end I had a clean slate with no blockages and no bad feeling about things in the past. The changes didn’t happen suddenly, and I was quite shocked how quietly and strongly change came to my life, I started to think differently and over time made some real value changes in my life which then changed my life. I spent 6 months with Erin, I would not hesitate to contact her again if I needed to.

Burleigh Heads

I completed Erin’s 5 elements workshop online last year and I cannot recommend it enough! An excellent, comprehensive and enjoyable series of webinars that explain the Wonders of the 5 Elements Theory. Erin’s knowledge is deep, multi- layered and her teaching skills make it all relatable and relevant to everyday life. Side notes and visuals are wonderful! Layers of yogic knowledge, gentle and powerful life coaching skills and her passion ,make this a beautiful resource and addition to life. The 5 Elements Theory is a positive perception to have on this life journey.

Trista Shanahan
Reflexologist, Massage & Beauty Therapist

Erin is lovely. I have had a massage and an Aromatouch Treatment with Erin and both times have walked away feeling very relaxed and nurtured. Erin is intuitive and listens to what you need. The space is lovely. I highly recommend

Coffs Harbour

As a yoga teacher myself, I was looking for a class I could go to, to be a student again and be able to “let go.” I found Erin’s beautiful Yin Yoga class, and this was a perfect fit for me. Erin is a wonderful teacher, who makes all who come to her classes feel comfortable and at ease – the moment you walk through the door. Her classes are perfectly structured to meet the needs of all of her students. From Erin, I learned about a style of yoga (Yin) which complemented what I had learned from previous experience, and has become an integral part of my own practice. I thank her for being an inspiration and light on my own yogic path.
Much gratitude to Erin, 🙂 I highly recommend her classes to all


Erin was recommended to me when I entered a very emotional and complex time in my life. Her support, compassion and empathy allowed us to get to the core of where a lot of what was holding me back from moving through the challenge lay.

Erin helped me to develop techniques that have easily adapted into my life and become a part of who I am. I am very, very grateful for all that she did for me, and I would absolutely recommend her.


Erin is my Yin yoga teacher and when I needed someone to help me find “my way” through an emotional time, Erin was the perfect person.
I booked Coaching sessions with Erin and found support, encouragement and nurturing and it was one of the best therapies to have given myself; to bring me back, restore me to the person I am.
Erin helped me align my vision to happiness and peace, which I will be forever grateful. (helped me to see the how lucky I am and to find gratitude in the simple things in life – which I had taken for granted).
Erin is an incredible coach who has helped me find, strengthen and deepen my pathways through life’s many roads. What a wonderful journey

I just wanted to say I so loved your Yin class last night. Your classes are always exceptional but last night I thought the info was tremendous and awe inspiring

I want to say thank you for giving your time and your energy to your classes, you’re a blessing

Emerald Beach

Erin is a beautiful soul, I highly recommend her as a Coach and Yoga Instructor. I was fortunate enough to be one of her Coaching clients and learned so much valuable information from her. I love that the sessions were one on one so they were personal and Erin was very genuine, kind and knowledgeable. I also love her Tuesday night yoga sessions, they are always so peaceful and heart warming. Erin is a real gem. Thank you!

Emerald Beach

I have been looking for a Yin practitioner for a while as I find it very beneficial for my back and neck problems. It works well on the fascia and core strength. A couple of weeks ago I experienced a small subluxation in the sacrum and a resulting inflamed nerve reaction that worked it’s way the full length of my spine to the base of my skull travelling over old injuries and affecting mobility. I had some x-rays and 2 chiropractic treatments, but was still limping to work and unable to sit, stand, or lay. I could stand rocking from one foot to the other, or laying perfectly still with a hotwater bottle and sleep for an hour or so at a time.

I was so happy to find Erin’s Yin yoga class, starting last Sunday with 1.5hrs of large intestine, heart and lung areas of the body. I followed on with a 1hr class on Tuesday which has me walking normally again and holding my posture a lot more freely and almost clear of pain. I will continue with the classes and clear the remaining blockages and release the rest of the kinks and knots.
My spinal injuries are what they are, and I have learned to live with them and a certain level of pain, but I have found a huge amount of change and I have to say, as yoga goes, Yin is the one for me. I had a lovely walk on the beach this morning for the first time in 3 months, a said a prayer as the sun rose on a beautiful day.

P.S. the meditation at the end is sublime, I think that even my soul was recharged and blissed out at the end. I had a profound peace and slept like a baby.

Thanks Erin

Emerald Beach

Erin has been facilitating coaching sessions with me for several months now. She is phenomenal in asking questions which provoke me to think outside the box. Outside of the box I have hidden in for far too long! Not only is Erin providing guidance in the use of powerful language, but is allowing me to explore my emotional baggage, with zero judgement and 100% accountability. Coaching has enabled me to feel so much more empowered as I self-validate my worth more consistantly! Thank you Erin, for serving me in ways to which I live more toward my purpose!


Erin has the amazing ability to see the ‘wheat amongst the chaff’ She is an incredible coach who has helped me on such a grand scale. She has a soul that is definitely there to serve others, and works purely from her heart. She is such a beautiful, amazing person, I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone – seeking to learn more about themselves, their purpose, their life, their goals and what’s holding them back.

Blue Mountains

I’ve been wondering what would be the best way to describe Erin as a personal coach and figured the best and most honest description would be ‘absolulely fantastic!’ Erin has helped me with some very old patterns and with her help and guidance my life feels so much better with the new outlook I have thanks to this wonderful lady’s help. My two beautiful girls are thankful too. I so highly recommend Erin as a coach.


It is my good fortune to have Erin as my yoga teacher and through this connection I came to learn of her services as life coach. After moving out of Sydney, away from family and friends and away from my job of 13 years I found myself drifting and directionless. I’m a planner and without a schedule or a routine to my days I felt quite lost. So after talking to Erin about the programs she offered I knew this would be a good thing for me to pursue.

Erin has this innate ability to put you at ease and often it would be my initial chit chat when I arrived that would prompt the course our session. And so my thoughts of what we would be working towards in this course were not the issues we tackled. Life dictated what the real issues were and Erin was spot on at bringing these into the light with her cleverly navigated questioning. It is a rare quality to be able to push deep with your questioning and still hold your clients raw emotion with the utmost care. Erin does just that. Even when tears ran freely down my face I always felt completely supported and safe.

I am still working with Erin. She has given me homework and a recommended reading list and she checks in with me regularly. I know we still have much we can achieve together and I look forward to future sessions with her

Emerald Beach

I reached out in late 2018, I was struggling in my life and new I needed some support to get out of the depths of how I was feeling.

I connected with Erin and from my very first phone call I felt seen, heard and held. She was open, firm and warm. She challenged me in my beliefs where I really needed to open my eyes, she was there when I needed to cry and there when I needed a light-hearted giggle. Always checking in after a session via txt had me feeling important and that our sessions mattered.

After a few sessions with Erin I was helped to get back on track, take control of my life and drastically improve my family’s life. We were happier, calmer and I felt like I could handle the hurdles thrown my way.

I would recommend Erin to anyone needed to remember just how strong and capable they are when life feels too much.