Life Coaching

Becoming Empowered

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, uninspired, disconnected and powerless
I know what it’s like to be full of self loathing and self judgement, to be full of self doubt and unhappiness, knowing that something needs to change but not sure what, how or where to start
I know what it’s like to procrastinate and feel lost and to beat myself up for it, what it’s like to be constantly comparing myself to others, setting unrealistic expectations and then feeling depressed when I wouldn’t achieve them
I spent the majority of my life feeling like life just happened to me, like I had no control, like I was just a spectator. I became a people pleaser to feel loved and worthy and I constantly ran on an empty cup, because I didn’t know how to love or nourish myself mind, body and soul
I had terrible self-esteem and zero self-worth and I drifted along  reacting to one external event after another like a pinball in a pinball machine
I didn’t consciously choose my relationships, my job, my health and wellness, I fell into them – I didn’t speak up for myself , have any boundaries or put myself out there for anything better. I settled in all areas of my life because
deep down I didn’t believe I deserved any better
When I lost everything in 2013 I reached my f*!k it moment, I knew things had to change or I was heading for a very dark path. I was forced to look inward. It was a tough pill to swallow that I didn’t actually know who I was and ………. that I’d never really known. That I’d distracted myself with unhealthy relationships, alcohol, disordered eating and external validation and gratification
Change Your Life For The Better
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Life Coaching Tweed Heads Gold Coast
It’s so easy to think we know who we are when we become wives, partners mothers, business owners, daughters, friends, employees…….but when these external labels are stripped away who are we really?
Who are you, without the roles that you play?
What lights you up?
Are you thriving?
Are you living a life that you love?
This is the where the healing work is done
Who are you and who do you want to be?
What legacy do you want to leave behind?
What song do you not want to be left unsung?
Working together provides you with a safe space to heal, reconnect, rediscover and recreate who you are
Heal the Past
Transform the Present
Create the Future
This is why I’m here for you
I’ve been there too and I wish I’d had someone to show me the way

“Be defined by a vision of your future instead of the memory of your past.”
– Dr. Joe Dispenza

What’s an Empowered Life?

Living an empowered and fulfilling life means learning Self Mastery, it means creating a solid sense of self, reigniting and strengthening that deep knowing that whatever happens in your world, you’ve got this and that

You can absolutely Thrive instead of just Survive!

Once you have this, your thoughts, decisions, actions and behaviours start to change so that they move you towards being the

Working together 1 on 1 or joining our
epic empowered community teaches you the
tips, tools and strategies to set yourself up for success internally so you can create the outer world results you want to see

So how do we do this?

Using proven coaching methods, you will
Get clear on your vision for your future
connect with the woman you want to be
heal the limiting events, emotions and patterns of the past
Learn what your values and needs are and how to
express and articulate them
Become aware of your strengths and create new ones
Get clear on your boundaries and move through your fears so that you can choose your new chapter and live your true potential

Changing your life is not for the faint-hearted
gorgeous soul but you are here to thrive and
I’m here to guide, support and champion
you on your journey

Are you ready to take action on your dreams?

If the answer is Yes, let’s talk.

Here’s how we work together:

  • 1 on 1 Personalised Life Coaching & Mentoring

What you get

  • Tailored 1:1 Empowerment coaching sessions using
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Timeline Therapy
    • Embodiment Practices
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Ho’oponopono Healing
  • Clarity on your Values
  • Create your Future Vision & what the Greatest Version of You looks and feels like
  • Design your Blueprint for living a Life that you Love
  • Uncover what Beliefs, Patterns & Behaviours are holding you back
  • Explore the Roles you’ve played & what serves you from that role & what it’s time to let go of
  • Experience greater Resilience & Confidence
  • Learn strategies to cope with Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm & Procrastination
  • Learn how to Express, Experience, Validate & Communicate your emotions in a functional way
  • Cultivate Self-Love, Deeper Relationships & a Stronger Sense of Self
  • Feel Confident, Inspired & Supported on your Journey
  • Be held Accountable in your Transformation
  • Practical Inspired Action Steps to keep you on Track
  • 24/7 VIP Access and support via Messenger/Txt/Email
  • Create Epic Change

Your Coaching Options

6 Weeks
Emotional Breakthrough
  • 6 x Weekly 1:1 Transformational Timeline Therapy sessions
  • Heal and release old, heavy, stagnant energy
  • Let go of 5 deep limiting emotions
  • Heal a core limiting belief
  • Break the patterns of the past
  • Create space for the things that light you up
  • Feel balanced and at peace
24 Weeks
Self Mastery
  • 24 x Weekly Personalised 1:1Transformational Timeline, NLP, Embodiment Coaching Sessions
  • FREE Ultimate Strategy Focus Session ( valued at $297)
  • All of the sessions and benefits from your Emotional Breakthrough Program and your Epic Transformation Program
  • Learn how to cultivate Self Love
  • Get clear Boundaries and how to lovingly communicate them
  • Breakthrough, Release, Heal and Transform anything holding you back from being the happiest, healthiest, most successful and vibrant version of you
  • Feel supported ,empowered, confident and focused in creating a life that you love

Working together IS for you if …

  • You know that there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing but you’re unsure where to start
  • You believe your future is yours to create, but are overwhelmed by how to begin
  • You’ve been putting everyone else’s needs first & are ready to prioritise your own needs
  • You are ready to reconnect with you & cultivate more self love
  • You are ready to experience greater health & wellbeing, mind, body & soul
  • You are ready to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others & most importantly with yourself
  • You are committed to releasing the old & creating the new, even if right now you’re not sure how to do this
  • You have a growth mindset & are ready to fast track your journey in becoming the best version of you

Working together is NOT for you if …

  • You believe things will change without first changing you
  • You believe that everything is always someone else’s fault
  • You believe that your past determines your future
  • You are always waiting for ‘right time’ before taking any action
  • Your vibrant health & wellbeing is not your priority
  • Creating a fulfilled, calm and happy life is not part of your life purpose

If this is resonating with you – Let’s Talk