This epic 12 week  program is designed for you to heal and transform the limiting beliefs and emotions of your past, get clear on your vision for your future, and cultivate alignment internally and externally so you are confident, congruent and ready to create your fulfilling life

In our 12 weeks together you will be guided through the Emotional Breakthrough Program along with any extra sessions needed for further limiting beliefs or emotions

You will get crystal clear on what your desired future looks like and who it is you’re becoming

You will identify your current unconscious values and beliefs are, so you can be clear on what you are attracting into your life and then be you will be supported in aligning, transforming and integrating them to empower you in creating your compelling future

You will cultivate and grow your self trust and self confidence so that you are fully supported and ready to manifest and create a life that you love

This is for you if you

  • Are tired of feeling stagnant or stuck
  • Feel lost or overwhelmed
  • Feel disconnected from yourself or others
  • If you’ve tried to change your habits in the past but always revert back to old patterns
  • Know that there is more for you to experience but you’re not sure where to start
  • Are ready to experience life and all it has to offer on a more empowered, expansive and fulfilled level
  • Are ready to invest in your future and living a life you love

What you get:

  • 12 x Weekly one on one Timeline, NLP and Embodiment Coaching sessions together
  • Unlimited Messenger/Email support
  • Check in call in between sessions (as required)
  • Inspired actions to help you implement your integration
  • Printable worksheets and exercises
  • Healing
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Guidance

What you Gain:

  • Clarity on what the best version of you looks and feels like
  • Connection and clarity around the life you want to be living
  • Why it is you do what you do when you know what you know
  • Practical strategies ( with a little bit of magic) to break old patterns and create new empowering behaviours
  • New empowering values and beliefs that will move you closer to your grand vision
  • All of the benefits of The Emotional Breakthrough Program
  • Feel empowered, calm, confident and focused in creating a life that you love

Your Epic Transformation Program (12 Sessions)