Learn, Reflect, Heal, Co-create and Support yourself through the seasons

Get full access to your Wood Element Workshop, along with a Yummy Yin Yoga practice to keep you Balanced, Healthy and Whole

What’s included:

  • Unlimited access to your Wood Element Webinar
  • Unlimited access to Wood Element balancing Yin Yoga Class
  • How to live in alignment with the season
  • How to Co-create with Spring Energy
  • Food as Medicine for Spring
  • Traditional Chinese Energy Wood Element Meridians
  • Yoga poses to practice to support your optimal Wood energy flow
  • Life Lessons and Mantras for the Season
  • How to keep Happy, Healthy and Balanced in your Wood Energy
  • Take a deep dive into the Crusader/Adventurer Archetype
  • Cultivating Benevolence and Compassion
  • Reflective Journaling and Coaching for the Season
  • YOUR FREE GIFT – The Healing Power of the 5 Elements Workshop

Wood Element Workshop & Yummy Yin Yoga