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L.I.G.H.T Program Erin Beaman

Welcome to The Shine Your L.I.G.H.T. Signature Program

This 12-week group and 1 on 1 program is specifically designed to empower you to

Step into being the VIBRANT, CONFIDENT and INSPIRED woman that, in your heart, you know you are meant to be

This is for you gorgeous woman if:

  • you’re feeling lost, stuck, disconnected, overwhelmed or anxious
  • you’re tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see
  • you’re sick of comparing yourself to others and coming off second best
  • You’re done with trying to make changes in your life and not have them last
  • You’re drained and exhausted from the negative self talk and people pleasing
  • You feel unfulfilled in life
  • You’ve lost your spark

We are a great fit if :

  • You have a Growth Mindset & are ready to Fastrack your journey in becoming the Best Version of You
  • You are ready to experience Greater Health and Wellbeing, Mind, Body & Soul
  • You are ready for Deeper more fulfilling relationships with others & most importantly with yourself
  • You are ready to Uplevel your Self Confidence and Expand into your future
  • You are committed to Releasing the Old and Creating the New ( even if right now you’re not sure how on earth to do this )
  • You are ready to take action on your Dreams
  • You are Heart Centred and know that the TIME IS NOW!

Your Outcomes

  • Reconnect with the LIGHT within
  • Become Unstuck
  • Gain clarity on what the Greatest version of you looks like
  • Create a Blueprint for Aligning and Becoming your Best Self
  • Uncover what limiting Beliefs, Patterns and Behaviours are holding you back from living your potential
  • Heal, release and transform Emotions or Trauma holding you back
  • Gain New Awareness on the Roles you’ve been playing in your life
  • Experience greater Resilience, Confidence & Self Love
  • Learn how to better handle anxiety, stress & overwhelm
  • Learn how to Experience, Express and validate your emotions in a functional way, allowing you to experience more
    Self – Love, Depth in Relationships and a stronger knowing of Self Worth
  • DITCH confusion, procrastination and decision fatigue and shift to Clarity, Strategy and Focus
  • Discover your personal strengths and how to use them to Empower You daily
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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I guarantee that after 3 months you will
  • have a stronger sense of self confidence and self trust
  • have a deeper relationship with yourself and with others
  • have clarity on the woman you are becoming and the life you want to create and have the roadmap to get there

or you work with me until you do x

Shine Your L.I.G.H.T. Signature Program