Learn, Reflect, Heal, Co-create and Support yourself through the seasons

You get full access to your Earth Element Workshop, along with a Yummy Yin Yoga practice to keep you Balanced, Healthy and Whole

What’s included:

  • Unlimited access to a 1 hr Earth Element Webinar
  • How to live in alignment with the season
  • How to Co-create with Earth Energy
  • Food as Medicine for this season
  • Traditional Chinese Energy Earth Meridians
  • Yoga poses to practice to support your optimal Earth energy flow
  • Unlimited access to Earth balancing Yin Yoga
  • Life Lessons and Mantras for the Season
  • How to keep Happy, Healthy and Balanced in your Earth Energy
  • Take a deep dive into the Mother Archetype
  • Cultivating Love and Confidence
  • Reflective Journalling and Coaching for the Season
  • FREE GIFT – The Healing Power of the 5 Elements Workshop

I completed Erin’s 5 elements workshop online last year and I cannot recommend it enough! An excellent, comprehensive and enjoyable series of webinars that explain the Wonders of the 5 Elements Theory. Erin’s knowledge is deep, multi- layered and her teaching skills make it all relatable and relevant to everyday life. Side notes and visuals are wonderful! Layers of yogic knowledge, gentle and powerful life coaching skills and her passion ,make this a beautiful resource and addition to life. The 5 Elements Theory is a positive perception to have on this life journey.

Trista Shanahan
Reflexologist, Massage & Beauty Therapist

Earth Element Workshop & Yummy Yin Yoga